Business gene – DNA Model in Brand positioning strategy

Say ” brand positioning “,” brand differentiation “is easy, but how to be different is difficult to implement for most businesses.
Differentiation model by supporting innovative ThanhsBrand businesses look simple and concrete abstraction of the categories in the brand building strategy.
The model is divided into 3 main sections:
Part 1: The fundamental value.
To build these values, requires  market research techniques , customers, competitors. To become a strong brand values ​​need sexy platform, but must be done consistently.
Part 2: Value Chain.
This category contains the creation, reform, invented … to concretize the fundamental values ​​not clearly defined.
According to this model, all factors supporting the “differentiated” brand as competitive positioning , personality, image,  brand message … must be filtered and reflected throughout in each eye link of the value chain. This means that businesses need to study the overall value chain of their own and competitors, in each stitch, each process can find unique features to make a difference compared to opponents and match the personality, brand image projected.
We also call after differentiation has crystallized the value chain through genetic code of the enterprise (DNA), the genetic code is crucial to the sustainable development of the brand .
Part 3 is defined as “Change the World”. With unique creativity to make up the difference in value sustainable brands can boast has made an important contribution to changing the face of the world, giving us a better life with numerous exciting experience.

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