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The brand name and slogan creation is often a difficult problem not only now, but also a challenge to the professional consulting organization. Like the design activity, also named as a creative process and therefore hard to general formulas.
During the learning process experience and brand building strategies of the international consulting firm, has engaged in the business of problem name, brand name, small and big names turn out Make life as Thai Tea, Fashion Silkage; Lenlink; Amanda restaurants; advertising Thien Minh, Chau Vietnamese tea, Gobrand; Agosa; Zontee; ANSA; … finally, in 2010, Thanhs also built a light processes create a brand name and slogan. Through this process, the job creators are shortened and more logical.
The process of naming Thanhs Brand
Normally in Thanhs, enough time to create a good name is usually 1-3 months for the brand “moderate” and shortened to 1 week with the brand “small”.
On a beautiful day in late 2010, Mr. Dinh Khac Tuan, CEO CNN translation company and he invited me to attend one workshop in creative professions. The seminar is expected to be interesting, but unfortunately did not attract our attention. As new acquaintances not long, Tuan share issue to me in a way quite “exploration” – whether to change the company name and if CNN does not change, how it should be?
Still sitting in the conference room, murmuring our story “brand name” and I briefly introduced to him a few simple ways (which everyone knows) include: Vietnamese name meaning, name English meaning, abbreviation, name and type of nonsense kind compound 2 name tag meant to form a new word. Tuan chose the name pair plan – a plan quite safe and has little creativity.
Honestly, the position of a consultant, I do not want to give “free” and therefore, I suggest you just think some sequential word “value” that you wish to convey through brand the new. From the first word Expert is turned off, no need to think about 3 seconds – so I believe it is the desire and orientation has long been cherished for him on the organizational model.
2nd Keywords are selected in a lot of different words, I combined 1-orientation noun (only professional) with funds from Expert adjectives to describe philosophy or values ​​of the organization.
Finally, about 3 names were combined into the final. Expertrans be repeated several times (due to low sound still sitting in the conference room). Very unexpected, an unknown man sitting next to said “there expertrans is ok, good” – turned out until now, he has listened to our conversation instead of a lecture by speaker . (Frankly, I was very embarrassed for not focusing hear speakers that work separately, affecting people around).
Logo Expertrans - 2011
Logo Expertrans – 2011 –
Story brand name within 2 hours took place so easily. Then, in about 2 months, Tuan consulted many people about this name. We have also added one more meeting with experts Ig. Peter (Netherlands) and Option 1 another name. After a few rounds consulted friends, he decided Tuan, Expertrans is the brand name for the new global strategy carried out by the company.
Honestly, it was the first time we put the 1 brand name in a record short time and with the same name has helped business owners Thanhs more effective solution for small businesses. Shorten the time and means to cut costs, increase efficiency.
Later, in parallel with the process of naming standards, we have named construction solutions with business owners and the results are very impressive. Even we have booked 3 brand for 3 different products in A counseling session. Personally I am very happy with this, because that increase efficiency reduce costs, consistent with the small business in Vietnam tough times.

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