One Pillar Pagoda – Personal Branding model for Bussiness man

One Pillar Pagoda is one of the unique art of Vietnam architecture. Wat is the image of a lotus blossom on a lotus, the realization of the dream of King Ly especially Thai-Tong (1028-1054).
One Pillar Pagoda, and became a prominent visual feature for Culture Vietnam not because of size, but because of the unique architecture, completely different than thousands temple, another temple.
Recently, the spread of environmental powerful internet has broken the rules and traditional values, a department “netizens” have been known to take advantage of this has quickly become famous and / or return into the personal brand is highly recognizable by the difference.
The question a lot of business is, whether it should / need to build a personal brand parallel entrepreneur, or personal branding to “pull” corporate brand / product or not?
On principle, personal brand and the brand is now two separate entities, there is interaction, but should not be linked together for understandable reasons: “personal brand” is dominated by the factors not related to corporate branding as health, lifelong commitment, personality and personal life …
Reality shows have turned the other way.
With brands in the industry that the production of commodities is labor activity (gray matter) … the human individual brand holds the dominant position in particular. In these industries, the shortest path to branding business (product / service) is branding personal leadership.
Like the One Pillar Pagoda image. The core value of “temple” is actually not located in the “unallocated space”, which are located in the “Lotus Lake – nails” and “A” column.
Model One Pillar Pagoda – Personal Branding and parallel business (as a model of innovative proprietary Thanhs Company, 2013) is stated as follows:
With brands in the industry that the production of commodities is labor activity (gray matter) of humans, such as the Education Programs Consultant, Lawyer, Technical Services, Arts, Create templates … or the products and services the industry that have elements recipes, specialty, family recipe … should apply the model in branding.
For personal brand and corporate brand can develop together, effectively supporting each other, they share fundamental values ​​”mission, vision, core values” of the organization shall interfere with individuals (business owners). The platform part is like a large iceberg, and is a solid foundation for “a column – personal brand owners” hold and shine.
When personal brand was well aware, enterprise brand of the moment like “Space Lord”, will be the proof / experience of the public and customers to the organization’s message has been moved download through personal brand.

The steps of the model:

Step 1:  Build the  core values  ​​of the organization : mission, vision, core values, image and message organization.
Step 2:  Branding  individual  (usually the business owners) really fundamental values ​​can largely interference with the values ​​of the above organizations.
Step 3:  role  “missionaries” of personal brand  to brand your organization. Individual messages are overarching message of the organization.
Step 4:  When was your personal brand awareness, spreading information and be loved, be loyal public, the measures used to “push” in  the marketing strategy  to take the organization brand “rooted” in the public mind goals.
Step 5:  Build  the four pillars court  to ensure that the entire model can not be broken by an individual’s  “Pillars”.
To minimize the risk model used (personal brand can be affected by the external environment) after the organization was brand recognition; immediately organizations need to continue to build the brand personality support other “main column”. This also means that the HR strategy of the organization should have a training plan key personnel right from the early stages of development.
Most models of the same organization Small Business Vietnam (and the world SMEs) now have this mistake as they continue to build unique personal brand (pillar) instead of building your personal brand other support.

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