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 Thanhs in InfoTV: Brand Strategy regions
Recently, INFOTV channels have individual interviews MSc. Dang Thanh Van on the issue of strategic brand building areas, below is the full text of the interview:


1. Dear Madam, how to build a national brand or regional brand depend on the Branding strategy?

As part of the national branding, recently, in Hanoi, Vietnam Trade Promotion Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) also organized a Vietnam Brand Forum 2013, aims to improve building performance brand building and product development in Vietnam, helping enterprises to build community platforms in particular brands and product brands the industry in general.
Today, we have access to many brands regions are renowned worldwide, for example Bordeaux (Bordeaux Wine wine is a blend of grape varieties, the land, the land of diversity and climate. blend of expertise from the Bordeaux winemakers concluded the best taste, wealth, and taste the delicacies of different regions) , Silicon Valley  Silicon  refers to the collective middle elevations of the industry related to semiconductor technology and computer technology in the region. Santa Clara Valley, the southernmost of the San Francisco Bay.)  Or as Canes Film Festival has made ​​known to the whole world Cannes, a beautiful small town southern France
Such as, the brand name, associated with a domain, or a number of products and services characteristic makes the famous and exceptional value for themselves which geographic regions.
The popularity of the regions to have connections beyond national borders, will become an invaluable asset to the nation in mind that the world community. Similarly, in Vietnam, with unique natural wonder, Halong Bay has become a regional brand, world-class domain. Thanks to the brand such that VN is enrolled on the world tourism map.
Halong bay overview Thanhs InfoTV in: Brand Strategy regions

Halong Bay – regional brand brings invaluable for Quang Ninh Vietnam
2. For local branding the region, the need to consider the problem ma’am?
Any brand, whether it is a national brand, regional brand or product must be concerned with the content key is positioning strategies (or, more clearly differentiated strategy), followed by the brand communication strategy.
There are several ways to brand developing regions are:
+  Focus on “specialty” or local natural advantage  to develop the brand (Thai Nguyen tea, Phu Quoc fish sauce, Halong Bay, …)
 Thanhs in InfoTV: Brand Strategy regions

Phu Quoc fish sauce – a famous brand Region but lack all the strategies
+  Focus on building common image regions : Da Nang is the way that did. Bring the whole city becomes a “jewel” for the meticulously washed in all stages, especially in infrastructure systems and public policy.
This method is also brought success for the island nation of Singapore.
C% E1% BA% A7u% 20R% E1% BB% 93ng% 20lung% 20linh% 20s% E1% BA% AFc% 20m% C3% 20v% A0U% E1% BB% 81% 20% C4% 91% C3% AAM Thanhs InfoTV in: Brand Strategy regions

Da Nang – Branding a city-MICE Tourism has been quite successful repositioning
+  Focus on building products, new services, to meet the needs of the world.
Each city or area can build yourself a totally unique image, through different systems products and services (or of both regions in which businesses). The fireworks festival in Da Nang, Da Lat Flower Festival or the specific examples for this view.
In addition to the product-oriented tourist attraction, the region should also oriented products services with high levels of intelligence, such as Silicon Valley, if not a breakthrough development and training dense medium enterprises in the sector of computer technology, semiconductor … then that land is still only a remote valley in South San Francisco.
The VD Nghe An, Ha Tinh, with harsh geographical conditions, totally inappropriate to develop tourism brand, but can become quite an engineering research center in the model of the Israeli high. Or can Haiphong famous par with Sysney if focused on developing entertainment industry facing the sea.
sweet lotus print Thanhs InfoTV: Brand Strategy regions

Sen, a distinctive brand image of Nghe Land and People
Hanoi, capital goods rather than a crop with pieces broken lines and no clear direction, I think we can focus on building Hanoi, the cultural cradle of the Tonkin Delta with 4000 years of history into a conservation center, the Museum of Asian culture. Thus, the development plan which may include: construction of Asian culture museum, the Festival of the history, of civilizations, the historical park, … to attract tourists and international orientation of FDI.
It should be emphasized, regional brand is often associated with pride, self-esteem and a lot of cultural values, so need special attention to emotional factors that bring love brand.
Thanhs in InfoTV love my brand: Brand Strategy regions

Love the brand, the highest rung every brand aspires to

3. As for businesses, according to her own branding, business should also pay attention to these factors?
Similarly, for the enterprise, is still the most important strategic brand positioning. In addition to these factors often easy to imagine as market segmentation, market share, enterprises will need to invest in brand image, brand personality, brand message …
However, the above section can only be different, unique and inspiring as it is conveyed through subtle innovation and creativity in the production process and business. In this day and age, only continuous Innovation and creativity contribute to creating new surplus value and utility bring sustainable development to the enterprise

DNA model in InfoTV Thanhs enterprises: Strategic Brand regions

4. Currently, the state is what policies to support and encourage enterprise in the local branding?
Vice Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh Construction in workshops and regional brand development recently confirmed the development of the brand in Vietnam has made ​​remarkable changes to the attention of government support (through trade promotion programs, program National Brand Vietnam; through strategic brand development oriented person with Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam’s used … the coordination of ministries and local governments, businesses). At the same time receive consensus from society and the media. This has created further impetus awareness of managers, and business people to develop the brand.
According to Mr. Do Thang Hai, director of the Trade Promotion Department, Secretary General of the Secretariat of the National Program Vietnam Brand, branding the region is perceived as part of a branding strategy Nations
5. Investment branding sense of how to improve the competitiveness of local businesses?
The development of regional brand will help local businesses to grow the economy, accelerate the commercialization of local products, thereby, helping to improve local living standards. The connection to the nearby local powering of a region also help attract foreign investment, development of trade in goods, travel, etc. ….
On the other hand. identity and positioning differences, if properly invested, focused, I believe that the local region has good access to foreign investment and noted deep in the heart public place not only in the territory of Vietnam, but also in the region and the world.

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