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THE BOARD OF VIETNAM WITH THE BRAND – interview Titles MA. Dang Thanh Van on Business magazine and Investment issued on 03.12.2014

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With 15 years of experience in the field of branding Consulting and implementation of communications, MA. Dang Thanh Van was involved in developing many successful brands and brand managers (for rent) of many companies. Besides, she also participated in counseling, teaching brand strategy, brand positioning, building brand identity system for training organizations and enterprises. With friendly, open and youthful face, modern, she is not only a successful business woman in business but also a woman who knows how to arrange an appropriate balance between work and family. Reporter Magazine Business & Investment had a conversation with women entrepreneurs Dang Thanh Van – Director of Brand Consulting and Communications Thanhs occasion of International Women’s Day 8/3.
Reporter: Good evening, to become director of a business consultancy specializing in branding and communication as the present, surely she has met many charming?
Knowing and active participation in ad 1994, when the 2nd year student of Hanoi University. When that job advertisements in Vietnam is very young and we understand that advertising is only one specific task, such as signage, design fairs … In 1997, the profession once again look to me to be invited Assistant Director for an advertising company established to prepare. Which is a business owner who has experience in the industry and I have learned a lot of skills and experience in management of business activities. I am also proud that I was named Thien Minh brand new ad company. That was the first mark for career counseling after this.
Upon graduating MA in Economics, with an “aggressive” of a young person, I think I have enough to join the business community and the Industry Company Advertising Thanh – THANHS brand was officially launched in June 2000. Thanhs have designed and implemented a construction contract The first brand identification with JSC Hai Ha Confectionery.
At that time we do not “know” use the word “Identifier” although the whole product system has been designed, constructed synchronously cards including Ministry, image standard exhibition booths and at conquered, print advertising and image … built for Hai Ha image of red boat on the blue sea through a series of activities fair during 2000-2005.
In 2002, my first approach to the theory of branding and brand strategy 2 Alries and author Jack Trout; screening to the research knowledge of Philip Kotler and Michael E. Porter has been said before that, first time I see a clear path of Thanhs. We self-assessment: we are entering the century of “identity” and with the motto “collaboration – fervently – share – fully committed” Thanhs will be devoted companion of Business.
In 2004, the brand consultancy contract was first made with paint Corporation Asia (AP Paint).Looking back to those years, Thanhs was “self-paved” for his bumpy road with many stumbles.With avenue unfolds before us, we affirm confidently CREATIVITY PRIDE Vietnam is the brand that my mission and the members of Thanhs wholehearted commitment.
Q:  Can you share some of the cases often make the establishment of new businesses related to trademark issues? The role of the brand?
A few major issues that newly established enterprises often suffer the most are:  First: Investment in the construction of factories, production lines and believe that any good product will sell goods. Recently, a large customer in the fisheries sector (please remain anonymous) in Nam Dinh came to Thanhs for advice after nearly 2 billion investment for the construction of the processing plant (associated with Holland ). Our products have been manufactured with minimum of 2 tons capacity / day and a sale could not because the price is higher than the average price in the market price of 5-6. So, there just is not a good product, will be sold.
Second:  Order brand name, buy domain name, and so business without knowing need to register intellectual property for its domain name. After a period of development, when the brand has a foothold, the new enterprise was horrified to know, your brand can not be registered for the same brand (overseas) before registering IP (for the same business group).
In the year 2011-2013, we have solved a rather special case, when a business client company has developed brand name overlaps with a multinational corporation in the world. Although litigation was not found, but the business itself can not register the IP for its brand, and was totally oblivious to the biting decided to change the entire brand, switch to a new brand to avoid the risk Risk arises. Time for a mid-sized brand in Vietnam such conversion takes about 3 years and cost a lot.
Similarly, other brands with lifespan of about 3 years old also faced a similar situation, and business owners seeking to Thanhs, was very difficult to make the decision to change the brand name for the client system indirect and direct his son was up to the thousands, and not easy to be able to inform them of this change.
Tuesday:  Name the brand, purchase 1 domain name and consider it done. This incident happened not only to small businesses, but also for the “big guns” in the market. The domain “enclosure” immediately domain name investors and foreign buyers lose. Consequently, the business or to pay a lot of money to buy the domain name, or fall into a laugh as cry Legendee case of Trung Nguyen brand when typing it into the right link introduction to Café Starbuck; notch opponents of Trung Nguyen …
Wednesday:  A Business is the first business unit in the industry, a lot of effort, and a good sales system mainly sold to wholesalers or large enterprise. One fine day, suddenly discovered a business all its historic brand was a young entrepreneur (B) another copy, refresh and mass media that they are the KING / is single the first / inventor … in this field.
The lesson here is: The first rule is particularly important position in the strategic brand / marketing strategy, but the first “customer in mind” is not the first on the market. So do not neglect ignore communication activities.
There are also lots of other practices that enterprises encounter in the branding process. Be careful investment, persistence for brand strategy now before it’s too late.
Reporter:  Today, the role of women in business is increasingly affirmed and enhanced.So, you can share a business women have the advantages and difficulties than men list?
– Business has never been a gentle and soft play, so quite a challenging with the fair sex. Most difficult for women to participate in the management and administration of the corporate balance time between family, career and personal life. Vietnam Women’s capital has often lost his balance between personal life and family life, ie after marriage, the life of her husband, children, their families’ full accounting of woman thinking women and they do not / do not think need to make time for his personal life.
When engaging in business life, the more one woman to share the large balance. If you have the backing and support of family, it’s harder, if not, sacrifice or fatigue is inevitable. In addition, Vietnamese women often feel pressure of public opinion, trying his gong for “round” and force people (especially relatives) live round that way. So the pressure is usually higher than female entrepreneurs with men. Of course, if you know how to use “weapons featured” ladies of patience, tolerance, gentleness and ability to comprehend, business has many advantages for women.
Reporter:  As the director of a business is also a wife, mother of the family, “know-how” to help you logically divide between work and family?
Personally I usually put the issue on the severity and urgency involved. The public urgency and forced to do by themselves, it will be a priority. It does not necessarily urgent but personally I have to do, will be assigned to the appropriate person. Similarly, no urgency and no need to participate shall be placed last in the order. It is because of the division of work and the right to a scientifically they have more time to do more.
Reporter:  On the occasion of the 8/3 you have a good message to send to women wishing colleagues, female readers of the Journal of Corporate & investment?
Another girlfriend, also a successful businessman, complains, “Lau and no one gave flowers and not go to the movies “- a lovely lament. His answer is “Need to love yourself first.” If you did not know the desired settlement / hobby / personal needs of you, then no one can help you out, whether it is the most loved. Instead of blame, blame and waiting, be actively implemented or initiated the action, you will not fall into the period of “death to the bottom” where women or encounter.
‘s National Day women’s health, please send fervent congratulations to all the sister, the mother, the better the water pretty resilient, secure the house. I wish I always BEAUTIFUL forever.
– Sincerely thank you!

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