Vietnames Branding strategy to fly foward abroad

Today’s Internet environment has created a world of “real flat” for all individuals and businesses.Live anywhere in the world, you can also become a provider and make money from customers worldwide. If done consistently strategic, insightful, thorough attention to customer needs, you will be a great brand. One fine day, your personal brand (or corporate brand) will become enormous fortune.
In the process of strategic consulting brand development for small business outreach Vietnam International market, I noticed there are some important strategies that businesses / individuals can do to compete with “the Giants “is:

1.  Experts Strategy:

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Or make yourself expert, or for the whole world and knows it.
Your personal or organization to become experts in their field. It is through this strategy, Mr., Hermawan Kartajaya, a normal person can Innodesia become chairman of the World Marketing Association. Similarly blogger Wendy Nguyen, a Vietnamese-born orphan girl has become famous for its fashion-icon 300,000 tracks and more than 38,000,000 people watch clips and earn income through the blog page.
The greatest weakness of Vietnamese entrepreneurs to implement the language problem. The solution: hire a local student groups (market you want to attack) is currently studying in Vietnam now translate text. Human Resources Student: Faculty of Languages ​​University.
Implementing strategies like?
+ The golden rule:  Tell the truth in a way that emotion.  Specialist, ie a professional and dedicated. + With individual: instead of spending time “cutting wind” or ZingMe Facebook and desires ” personal branding “, just pick one profession inspired, and fought hard for that profession within 3 years. + now: the majority of Vietnamese brands have the ability to take off, there are Founder was the “expert” good job and zeal. This means that the machine now available wheels, handlebars available. To take off, just simply add a solid wings: Brand and Communications on 2 sides treasured digital and non-digital.

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To take off, just add a solid wings: Brand and Communications
+ Connect with experts and leading organizations in the profession. Do not just listen, read and share. Need to express personal views. Link leads to your own analysis or business / or case study performed by the enterprise and summarizing data.

2.  Indigenous Strategy:

The easiest way to attack a new market, breaking barriers and psychological barriers “do-not-getting-know” that customers select the original native Vietnam.

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Vietnam community in the United States has a total of 1,548,449 people
This is not a new strategy. This strategy was first used most effectively from China.
Look for the Vietnamese community has settled, became indigenous communities and turn this into brand fans. This means that, instead of serving and caring for an amount of public / customers that your general / business insights not ye evoke the spirit of nationalism and ethnic psychological support; emphasize price different core values ​​and brand superiority of the “Vietnamese restaurant, understand Vietnamese people, Vietnamese people, so a proud Vietnam …”
In a recent analysis by Professor D. Aaker, he also said, “The Mexican beer brand, Tecate, building U.S. sales by reaching first-generation Mexican Americans and now have 20% of that segment.Dabur, a leading manufacturer of herbal medicines from India, securing a place in the United Arab Emirates by focusing on the Indian market segment with approximately 5 million people in India living areas Bay “.

3.  collaboration-strategy franchise

 Instead of sending people for the overseas Vietnamese locals and assured that they can not work because of family problems and lifestyle habits. Please select partners to develop new markets in the country right now.
Partners can be:
+ Save Vietnam students abroad
+ The Vietnamese residing overseas
+ Wife / husband but overseas Vietnamese who live according to their families. Often these people will not have full time jobs and are willing to invest, collaborate to develop new markets without having to start a business.
+ Indigenous peoples are working in the field, business lines of business. Source: Linkedin and fair / networking opportunities international trade / forum / forum profession.
+ Other Enterprises with the same market segment. This is the solution “distributor” has been most used foreign enterprises in the early stages of market penetration Vietnam.
Strategy-franchise partnership goes beyond hiring personnel in place, businesses need to create a mechanism to get the right people to collaborate buy stake in that market. Often rate should be 80% -20% or at most 70% -30%. Salaries will be calculated into equity capital contribution will also be a useful strategy for businesses to cut costs problem.
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To catch big fish, there should be more people collaborate and share.
Principle: Do not join the fish you catch. 
Many businesses and individuals are afraid to take ownership, lost benefits (expected) in a market that has not been exploited and do not want / prefer not to sell shares to the other partner. Often businesses will choose to hire personnel problems instead of equitization. This has pushed the business into a personnel management must be far away, just takes effort, which has cost about results not as expected.

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