Brand positioning in the consumer’s mind model

Circle model of enterprise brand to the public / customers by innovative Thanhs

“Let’s makes your customers Fall in Love with your brand before they promptly analyzed by logical thinking”

Writers South High in “Vu Dai Village’s Day” was the description of a natural masterpiece, a love of truth, but no less idyllic and tragic romance between Chi Pheo and output. Two people with similar social rejection, alienation and sought to rely on each other. South High, it was described as a woman even worse. But in the eyes of the British force would only “Pheo”, which is not bad duyen.Immanuel Kant (one of the greatest philosophers of modern times from 1724 to 1804)  there is a very good question  , “beauty does not lie on rosy-cheeked young woman in the eyes of lovebirds “. 

In lovebirds eyes, none more beautiful and lovely their opponents. Although the enemy may be flawed, not perfect.When you fall into a state of “passionate”, states that regardless of who initiated the request, are experiencing and understanding, loyalty and love, not only logical thinking becomes determinant way dealing with the enemy.

This is also true for all the love, including love and faith and love of the country.
First moment you hold in your hands a beautiful white box Iphone, or slightly raise the Macbook too.

10888663_605049652971872_723244452021548986_n“Let’s makes your customers Fall in Love with your brand before
they promptly analyzed by logical thinking”

Love, admiration, desire to possess has led many to ignore all logic, ignoring rational exhaustive purse, only to owner-phone-a device.
That is why, the consultants often say “brand in the public’s mind, not just in the factories” and sought to “take root on the target customer’s mind.”
But what is there in the public mind, there is a picture of her “market it,” he was still processing the village waist, or simply have an elegant and minimalist handset? –
Definitely not.
Illogical thinking, public sentiment has turned the sign “visible” and the message, intangible factors such as philosophy, culture and values ​​of a product / brand / one specific human can become a special image format, just emotionally, just close and re-isolated.
In other words, the moment she, it would become a charming woman of flesh and blood, honest and dedicated to his Chi.
Your iPhone or Galaxy ownership has become a treasured companion.
This also explains the millions of Vietnamese nationals, both past and concentric, with sadness, crying, loss share common that when General Vo Nguyen Giap died. While everyday, yet when they speak, to hear, to see, to know specifically. – Personal brand of General became a popular saint, just close, familiar medium, both the noble.
So, “the brand in the consumer’s mind” is not a simple image recognition, logo, name, slogan or brand culture that is an “iconic” new, higher, stronger and more expressive. This image covers both tangible signs and invisible by “innovator” brand owners to build, has been molded by the thoughts and feelings of the customer experience.
On the other hand, the argument also tells us that brand in mind each individual will have the difference, because the specificity of love, emotions, personal experiences. This difference turned out to be interesting, it helps the millions of consumer products and continuous experience.
Particular model, brand circle from the Public Enterprise / Client is innovative because Thanhs of the arguments summarized above.
The model describes the formation of the brand in the public’s mind, the customer is the “visualization” in thinking about the signs of tangible and intangible brand. Generated imagery is not quite the same as the molded orientation which depends on the mindset of human difference. This process is done through the “journey’s decision to buy new consumer” (Mk Kinseys model 2009).
To brand image that is closest to the destination host of “innovator” brand, communications and operations experience is particularly important. Thanks to “loyalty loop” (as well as conceptual models described in the above Kinseys Mc), where a brand becomes stronger, more recognizable and loved.
Dang Van Thanh, Co-Founder Thanhs Branding

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